Friday, April 19, 2013

River and Rocky Updates

Well, work on adding more space to the rescue has hit a (temporary) dead end due to a lack of financing. Hopefully it won't last long!

Here are some updated picks of my current boys.


 photo 20130419_091642_zpscb50cd77.jpg
And Rocky! (and his plant. and his lantern. can't get him away from those.) Rocky is currently my only boy up for adoption, as River is a personal pet.  photo 20130419_091648_zps209f44e4.jpg
 photo 20130419_091633_zps75eeec20.jpg
 photo 20130419_091530_zps276f2aed.jpg
 photo 20130419_091526_zps332137f0.jpg

Friday, April 12, 2013

Update on Rocky and River

Good morning! Last night we went through an emergency 100% water change in Rocky and River's divided 10 gallon. We found a dead snail behind the heater on River's side, which is what prompted the change. In the process, we went ahead and propagated the Wisteria, and moved some plants around to provide more coverage.

Additionally, we used silicone caulking to attach the divider to the top of the aquarium. I found that the metal clips that the divider came with were starting to rust, so they had to come out ASAP! So far it's working great. The divider seems to be held in place really well with the silicone, and it's not twisting nearly as much as with the clips. As an added bonus, the Aqueon hood I have on the tank fits much better without the clips in its way!

Now for some pictures.


 photo 20130412_101243_zps781c9245.jpg

 photo 20130405_192330_zps5491874b.jpg

And Rocky

 photo 20130410_134220_zps9c3afb83.jpg
 photo 20130412_101223_zpsda066385.jpg
 photo 20130412_101229_zps592297cf.jpg

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Beginning

Hello and welcome to the first post for the Whisper Betta Rescue blog! This blog will detail both the process of helping the Bettas we rescue as well as showing what Bettas may be available for adoption in the future. As the Whisper Betta Rescue is a new rescue organization, you the reader will be privileged enough to see the details involved in setting up our rescue space as well as seeing the pictures of our first rescues!

So far, Whisper Betta Rescue has two Bettas, both rescued from large chain pet stores. A dark blue crowntail male named River was the first to be brought home. River came home in fairly good shape, and has  bloomed into a very outgoing little fish!

The second to be brought home was Rocky, a veiltale male. Poor Rocky was not in as good of condition as River, and was suffering from Swim Bladder Disorder to boot. Rocky was unable to stay submerged, and ended up floating back to the top of the tank whenever he stopped moving. The water that Rocky came home in was filthy as well, and I was surprised not to see ammonia burns on him. Rocky has since perked up, and is quite the swimmer! He darts back and forth as quickly as he can, and loved to knock his food from the top of the water to catch it before it hits the bottom of the tank.

These boys are currently sharing a ten gallon tank with a divider through the middle. I'm sure it was quite a shock to go from the little pet store cups to 5 gallons each! Both boys have snails in with them, as well as a variety of plants.

With the water level where it is, there is no worries about either of them jumping the divider. Luckily with the amount of hiding spaces, neither boy is showing any sign of stress.

Whisper Betta Rescue has plans to invest in a five gallon tank in order to bring home another rescue. We want to have everything ready well before we bring home any more! Additionally, it is important to have any treatment necessities on hand. Rocky's swim bladder disorder was an easy treatment. Some conditions require more in the way of skill and medicine.

Keep checking back to see updates on these two boys and our set up of the 5 gallon tank!